Is it possible to simulate a user pressing a submit button through more than one web pages using the Inet control? I have a login page that when the user "logs in", I want the logged in user to be able to bypass a frameset and go directly to a page that normally would need to be clicked on in the navigation bar?<BR><BR>Any ideas? Having trouble with the server "seeing a new browser request" when using the msinet control to fetch a page, as I think each request is a separate connection. BTW, the server is set up with a sessionless state, so a unique identifier is assigned and passed around via a post (submit button hidden field). Seems like it should work, but it acts as if there is something in server&#039;s headers that identify new requests, and I&#039;m certain it&#039;s not cookies as I can turn off cookies and still log into the application and navigate it just fine.<BR><BR>Thanks for any insights you might have...<BR>Chris<BR>