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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default Acces to Excel

    I have Excel files being created and I dont want anyone but the person creating them (through an asp page) to view them. <BR>I have them logging in so I have a couple Session variables to limit it with. <BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek

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    Speezer Guest

    Default Put a nice little message that says...

    please don&#039;t look at these files. I find people are generally nice and well meaning and will stay away.

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default lol ...

    Yeah right

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    Default RE: Acces to Excel

    Since you already have them logged in, why not give them a security level too (or pull it from a database using their user id)? Then just check if they have permission and send them if they do. If not, turn them away.<BR><BR>Taken even one set further (if you have NT or 2000 and don&#039;t have anyone who would be using netscape), have everyone log on using NTFS. Then setup groups and give permissions based on those. Then you can do this...<BR><BR>&#060;% Set pmck = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.PermissionChecker") %&#062;<BR>&#060;% If pmck.HasAccess("extranetstcindex.asp") then %&#062;<BR>&#060;a href="file.asp"&#062;View File&#060;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;% End If %&#062;<BR><BR>They won&#039;t see the link if they don&#039;t have permission. And if they try to get there by themselves (just typing in the url), they will receave an access denied or forbidden message.

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    Spellchecker Guest

    Default receave?Get yourself a dictionary.


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    Kristin Hedge Guest

    Default You should play nice. Give her a break<eop�


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    Default Yes, give HIM a break.


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