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    I need to know how to display a form and then if the client needs another input box for the same type of data they are entering, they can press a button and another one will be dynamically generated on the form without loosing the data they have already entered on the form. Can it be done?

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    Default Can only be done on MSIE...

    ...and even then it&#039;s not trivial.<BR><BR>You have to remember the form values you have so far, use the innerHTML property to rewrite a chunk of the page, and then restore the form values to the "old" (actually, recreated) form fields.<BR><BR>[ be *could* do the same thing in a cross-browser page if you put the form into a different frame than the rest of the page and rebuilt the form frame each time. NS *does* allow rebuild of an entire frame, of course.]<BR><BR>If you want a *similar* idea that works in all browser, look at my idea, here:<BR><BR><BR>There&#039;s some other miscellany on that applies to JS coding, too, if you care.<BR><BR>

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