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    I am trying to update a field (keeping what is currently in the field and adding another text string to it), but when the string is passed through an UPDATE statement, if there is any &#039; or " in the text string, it errors because of syntax.<BR>Example:<BR>strOrigComments = rsItem("comments")<BR>strNewCommnets = Request("comments")<BR>strComment = "" & strOrigComments & strNewComments<BR>strSQL = " UPDATE Table1 SET comments = &#039;"&strcomments&"&#039; WHERE someID = &#039;"&someID&"&#039; "

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    strOrigComments = Replace(strOrigComments, "&#039;", "&#039;&#039;")<BR><BR>That will fix it for the single quotes, do that to your other variable too. Just do it before you run the SQL command and you&#039;ll be fine. Making each single quote as two single quotes is all this is doing. I don&#039;t know about double quotes, as my server handles those fine, but you could try something similar.

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    Update Table1 Set Comments = Comments + &#039;" & strNewComments & "&#039; where blah<BR>this is questionable, although, it wouldn&#039;t hurt to try<BR>Wasabi

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    Default plus what Kris Said...


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