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    I am using upto 10 forms in my application to get user&#039;s data and pass it as hidden fileds to the last form where I save it to the database. <BR><BR>On my last page before I save the record I want to show the users what they have added in each field and allow them to go back and forward to change if they need to change anything.<BR><BR>I have tried different ways to do this. By linking to the previous page or even by using the browser back feature. I end up loosing information in my text fields when I change any data. next fields loose all the data . Any suggestions on how to have Next Previous on forms before submitting to the database.

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    Default DB?

    If you have a database, you could create a temporary table for the information as they are filling out the forms.<BR>Then do what you want with that table when they are done.<BR><BR>Sounds like the most logical thing to me but I could be wrong.<BR><BR>Good Luck~

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