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    Fred Clown Guest

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    I&#039;m trying to make a drop down menu using layers(or rather the div tag not the layer tag) So, I set up an onmouseover to display the layer, and an onmouseout to hide the layer using the Hide function that I have included. I realize that my syntax is probably way of on the Hide function, but basically what I want to happen is that when the mouse rolls off the area that calls the ShowLayer function if it happens to roll over the layer then I want it to not hide it, but if it rolls anywhere else then it will hide. Basically I&#039;m wondering if there is a way to detect if the mouse rolls over the layer?<BR><BR>function ShowLayer(){<BR>document.layers.ColLayer.visibilit y = "visible";<BR>}<BR><BR>function HideLayer(){<BR>document.layers.ColLayer.visibilit y = "hidden";<BR>}<BR><BR>function Hide(){<BR>if(document.layers.ColLayer.onmouseover == false){setTimeout("HideLayer()", 500);}<BR>}<BR>

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    Fred Clown Guest

    Default Oops sorry didn't realize that this was an AS

    My question regarded a client side script sorry

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