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    OK, now this is dead hard so only read on if you think you can handle it!! (you have been warned!!)<BR><BR>I want to be able to scan through a .css file and build up a list of all the classes in the style sheet. I then want to break this string down to populate a list box with the classes. I know how to do the breaking up of the string and creating the list box but don&#039;t know how to pull the info from the css. At a push I could include a new line in the .css saying something like:<BR><BR>*class1**class2**class3*<BR><BR>Thank s for any help and sorry to dump this on ya!!<BR><BR>Russ

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    Do a textfile read using fso. if a line starts with a . then get the substring from . to { or to the end of the line, depending on how you code a css...<BR><BR>.MyClass {<BR>or <BR>.MyClass<BR>{<BR><BR>see? you can use either readall and find them that way or readlines and find the class names line by line.<BR><BR>Wasabi

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