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    Bruce Miranda Guest

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    A small question. Is this possible and if yes how do I do it. <BR><BR>Platform : ASP, Javascript<BR><BR>I have a form A which does a POST to a server side script B. Currently what I am doing is validating the data from A and then making B appear on the client for a further POST to C.<BR>Is there a way I can POST A to B, validate and the internally POST to C so that the user does not have to press the submit (or for the body to do an onload submit via JavaScript) on page B.<BR>

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    Response.Redirect("C");<BR><BR>You can validate you page in B, then redirect to C using the querystring, or by calling a javascript:document.form1.submit();<BR><BR><BR>

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    buzz Guest

    Default why send it all the way...

    you can do all the validations in form A, before submit then post it to that you can save form c for good..!!!!<BR>:-)<BR>

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    prakash Guest

    Default Use redirect

    can use redirect and document.submit()

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