IIS crashes when ASP loops through large text file

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Thread: IIS crashes when ASP loops through large text file

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    Default IIS crashes when ASP loops through large text file

    I&#039;m having real trouble locating the source of a problem with my ASP script. This ASP script reads a large txt file (sometimes 30Mb +) one line at a time, does some parsing of the line to break it down in to individual variables ready to be used in an INSERT SQL statement. Then loops round and repeats the process. <BR>Having processed about 40,000 lines the webserver (IIS) crashes and the file is never completely finished.<BR>I have a feeling it may be due to memory running out as the process monitor max&#039;s out at 100% before crashing.<BR>Any ideas would greatly received.<BR><BR>wboyd@tibus.com<BR>

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    Default Sounds about right...

    I sounds to me like your really pushing your server to it&#039;s limit here and should consider another way of accomplishing your task or a upgrade on your server. Track your memory and cpu usage with the application using performance monitor.<BR><BR>Troublesome ASP&#039;s or ASP&#039;s that could cause server crash should be placed in it&#039;s own memory space. That way if it crashes it doesn&#039;t take the entire server down with it.<BR><BR>Place the ASP (and associated files) into it&#039;s own direcory and open up the IIS MMC. Right click on the properties of the folder to open up the property sheet. In the directory tab, click the create button then change Application Protection to High (Isolated).<BR><BR>

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