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    question:<BR>using link list,write a system(using C programming)for bookshops base on the below information.<BR><BR>field maximum length data type<BR>ISBN Number 8 characters character<BR>Book Title 30 characters character<BR>Author 25 characters character<BR>Number of copies---------- integer<BR>Price --------------- floating<BR><BR><BR>system requirement:<BR>-&#062;Book information will be store and retrieve form binary file<BR>-&#062;The system should have the following functions:<BR> 1.Addingfor new book<BR> 2.deleting unwanted book<BR> 3.modifying book information<BR> 4.listing book detail<BR> 5.searching book detail by using ISBN number<BR><BR><BR>please send e-mail to me:

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    Why should we do the program for you!?!??!

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    Obviously a homework assignment based on the Northwind products.<BR><BR>Do your own homework, lazy b*****d...

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