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Thread: loging into any page in the website directly

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    Default loging into any page in the website directly

    Below are the segments needed to be completed within this week.<BR>1.Users can log into the system from any page(not only thru the <BR>homepage).<BR>2.Each page has a security level for which only those users with the <BR>same (or greater) security <BR>level can access.<BR><BR>( i.e., Apart from loging in to the system from the homepage where <BR>userlogin and pwd are asked,<BR>users must be allowed to enter into any page directly apart from via <BR>homepage.So when they <BR>log into any page they must be asked for the username and password as a <BR>pop_up window.<BR>Can u gimme suggestion of how this can be done?<BR>my suggestion:To do this, is there any way of giving a name for each <BR>page ,so that i can <BR>check on the page which the user enters to see if he is authorized to <BR>use the same.)<BR>

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    Default Use NT security.

    Why don&#039;t you password protect all the pages on the site, and configure IIS to use &#039;Basic Authentication&#039;. Add the users to the NT Server and permission each page according to which user is allowed to view it. Then whenever they request a page they will be prompted with a pop up login box if they have not already logged on.

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