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    hi<BR>i now understand i can use images in a access database via &#039;OLE object datatype&#039;, but how can i upload these images to the database via a web form<BR><BR>thanks<BR>paul

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    this link:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Whith this (pure ASP) uploadscript, you can upload images to an DB. Just read the samples whith the downloadfile.<BR><BR>Peter

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    I recommend you don&#039;t upload the image to the database. Why not just reference the image location and name in the directory. Then you can query your database and use a recordset to grab the image name and location. In this example the imagename and location is in one database field/recordset<BR><BR>e.g <BR><BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=rs("imglocation")%&#062;"&#062; <BR><BR>if you just want to upload the images either ftp them or use a third party upload component such as ASPUPLOAD. You can then browse for a file on your computer vvia a form and upload it to a set directory on your server. <BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>Mark

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