How can i call an asp sub from vbscript?

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Thread: How can i call an asp sub from vbscript?

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    Default How can i call an asp sub from vbscript?

    i can't call a asp subroutine from vbscript. How can i call a asp subroutine when i click on a button. Currently I using OnClick function. The asp subroutine is in another .asp file.

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    don&#039;t be naive.<BR><BR>VBscript on the client? by the time the page gets to the client, ASP is all done and dusted. to call a sub you&#039;d need to submit a form or hit a link.<BR><BR>j

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    Default You can't...

    Your client&#039;s browser is running in Oslo, Norway.<BR><BR>Your server with ASP is running in Kokomo, Indiana.<BR><BR>The client clicks on a button in Norway. <BR><BR>HOW do you expect that code in Norway to somehow magically invoke ASP code, which is simply sitting in some file, in Indiana?<BR><BR>You need to go back to the basics: Learn about client vs. server and client-server programming with ASP.<BR><BR>The *ONLY* way in which ASP sends *ANYTHING* to a client machine is via an HTTP connection, and the only thing that HTTP is capable of is allowing a browser to ask for a *FILE* from a server machine. So ASP *must* send back an entire file.<BR><BR>Having said all the above...If you *must* do this (and I *really* don&#039;t believe you do, if you rethink your problem), MS does have something called "Remote Scripting." If you thought ordinary ASP was tough... well, if you want to, go visit and read up on Remote Scripting. Be prepared to spend a *lot* of time on it. Note that it does *not* violate the "rules" of HTTP: It *still* means that you make a request of ASP and ASP sends back an entire just hides that page from the user, for all intents and purposes.<BR><BR>

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