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    Here is my problem..I have a program that goes from asp page 1 to asp page 2. In asp page 2 I have a calculate button that recalculates totals and displays them on that same asp page2. Well if the user clicks on the back button of the browser it shows each instance of asp page2 until it gets to asp page1. How can i go directly to asp page1? <BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried the following:<BR>Response.Expires = 0 and<BR>Response.Expires = -1 and this didn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>Is there anything else I could try?

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    neither of those *would* work. this isn&#039;t what they&#039;re for.<BR><BR>the simplest method is to provide a button that links back to the original page. slightly more complex would be to engineeer some javascript to utilise the location.replace() method (this doesn&#039;t add history entries)<BR><BR>j

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    thanks, i&#039;ll try that.

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