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    Troy Guest

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    Ok, real easy one here I think. But sadly, I must admit that I can not figure it out. I know that there is a cssStyle property for most controls, but I can not figure out how to include the css file within my aspx page. &#060;link rel="stylesheet"&#062; is not working in .NET. Anyone know the probably easy answer to this?<BR><BR>Thanks a million for any help..<BR>Troy

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    Thomas Tomiczek Guest

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    Yes, I can.<BR><BR>Get the link attribute to work.<BR><BR>It works here.<BR><BR>You need to understand that this has just NOTHING to do with ASP.NET - the link tag is honoured on the client.<BR><BR>Thomas Tomiczek<BR>THONA Consulting Ltd.

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    Troy.<BR><BR> The link tag does work in Beta 2. If it is not working, then I suggest that you check for an error elsewhere on the page or verify the syntax of the link tag.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jim

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