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    Default Problems with location.href on onclick event manag

    Hi.<BR><BR>I need to pass some values in my forms to an URL, so I built a script triggered by something like this:<BR> &#060;A href="#" onclick="go_url();"&#062; tag, that takes the values I need from the form and builds the URL I need. Afterwards, a location.href command sends the user to that URL. <BR><BR>The script works very well on IE5.5 and NS4.7, but when I tried it on IE4, the script goes all the way, but the location.href is ignored. I tried changing it to a window.navigate() and it didn&#039;t work either.<BR><BR>Have any suggestion on how to do this?<BR><BR>------------<BR>here is a copy of the script and the trigger:<BR> function ir_url(ope, id){<BR> s = "edu.asp?operacion="+ope+"&id="+id+"&profesion =" + el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1.profesion) + "&profesion_otra=" + document.FrontPage_Form1.profesion_otra.value;<BR> s = s + "&idioma1="+el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1.idio ma1);<BR> s = s + "&idioma2="+el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1.idio ma2);<BR> s = s + "&idioma3="+el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1.idio ma3);<BR> s = s + "&porc_idioma2="+el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1 .porc_idioma2);<BR> s = s + "&porc_idioma3="+el_valor(document.FrontPage_Form1 .porc_idioma3);<BR> location.href = s;<BR> return false;<BR> <BR>--- --- ---<BR>&#060;a href="#" onclick="ir_url(&#039;mod&#039;,&#039;&#060;%=educ .id%&#062;&#039;);"&#062; &#060;img height=16 src="images/b_azul_46.gif" width=57 border=0&#062;&#060;/a&#062;

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    Default is there an error message?

    to ensure that there is, make sure your preferences are set up to &#039;notify every script error&#039;<BR><BR>j

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