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    Hello, I&#039;m working for a company and they need to keep track of the software that gets installed on people&#039;s computers. They have asked if there is some way of doing this over the intranet, via the web or something like that. I have thought of a couple ways of trying this:<BR> Just doing it manually. Have a web front-end for a database and go to each computer and see what is installed. <BR> We can access the registries of the computers and see what is install.<BR> Or we can see what the user has access to. By using the policy editor, have have access to every user, and what he/she has access too. Using this there is no need to access the remote computer, since it&#039;s all nicely contained. <BR> The only problem is that I have no idea how to go about implementing the last two options. So if any one has any ideas or could help out thanks...<BR><BR>-Obbie-<BR>

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    well, for a start it&#039;ll need higher security priveleges than a normal web browser offers. An ActiveXControl could do it, possibly a java applet (signed, of course, so it could get priveleges).

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