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    I have some processing that will take a while .. up to 10 secs to complete.<BR>when its complete i want to show the results.<BR>in the meantime i want to show a splash page,<BR>but when its done i want to redirect / show a new page ?<BR> how can i do this cos if i flush a buffered page i get an <BR>error and i dont want to user a 10 second counter cos the tikme period of the result will vary<BR><BR>thanks in advance

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    One possible approach is to have as your page&#039;s background a graphic saying "Loading page. Please give us about 10 seconds..." and let it get overwritten by content.

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    Default Or

    write out a div to the buffer with a graphic in it, response.flush, <BR>write some javascript to the buffer to hide the div<BR>do processing code<BR>response.flush<BR>

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