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    Is there a way to make the headings in an HTML table static and scroll the body detail? I have been able to get heading columns to line up with the columns in the table body but they don&#039;t stay lined up when the window is resized? I am using IE5.<BR><BR>I have read that THEAD and TBODY tags are supposed to help provide this capability, but I have not been able to figure out how.<BR><BR>So far I have tried putting a heading table with fixed width columns above a scrolling DIV area containing a detail table with the same column widths. I have also tried using DIV/SPAN tags to create a table structure using percentages for widths. <BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    Ruth,<BR> If I understood well you would like to have a static heading row and scrollable body within the same table.<BR>Very interesting idea but I think it can only be done via Javascript where you can define uniquely all elements of your table so you can decide which will have the scrolling and which not.<BR>Very good Javascript source is<BR>You are likely to get tips for your request there.

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