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    What&#039;s the best way to add page numbers to an application where i am inserting multiple questions. Starting at the first question, question 1 should be displayed then when submitted question 2 be posted to the screen for display purposes. <BR><BR>How can i do this with jscript or vbscript. Something with on submit increment?

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    There are so many ways to do this that I hesitate to give an answer. You really should decide what works best for you.<BR><BR>But you could:<BR><BR>(1) Pass the current question number along as an extra parameter in the Request.QueryString or Request.Form<BR>(a) by appending it to the URL in the FORM ACTION= <BR>(b) by using a hidden field in the FORM.<BR><BR>(2) Keep track of the current question number using a SESSION variable<BR><BR>(3) Keep track of the current question number using a COOKIE<BR><BR>(4) If you are recording the answers in a database, SELECT the next question that this user has not yet answered. This version has the advantage that the person could come back the next day or the next week and take up where he/she left off.<BR><BR>(5) If you only have a few questions, forget ASP and JScript. Just put each one on its own HTML page and have the pages link from one to the other.<BR><BR>We could probably come up with a few more ways, if those don&#039;t suit your needs.<BR><BR>

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