&nbsp;<BR>Dear 4 Guys From Rolla,<BR> <BR> We have an asp page to catalogue web resources. Inorder to get some meta data from web resources, we have to be able to read the source (html codes) of a given url.By now,we are able to read for local servers from a url (example :http://nt40server_info/myfile.asp)<BR>we encounterd a problem when we are trying to read for remote<BR>url(eg:http://www.bbc.com/).There is a firewall at the<BR>institution where we are doing the system.A user name and password is given to the open method(obj.open "GET",url,false,"usrname",password")<BR>but this does not work.We would appreciate if you can provide us codes how we could do this.<BR><BR>The error message is the following<BR> msxml3.dll error &#039;80072ee7&#039; <BR>The server name or address could not be resolved <BR>/webcat/mektam/read.asp, line 37 <BR><BR><BR><BR>Tnx,<BR>Mekuria S.<BR><BR>