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Thread: Linking to DB?

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    amancalledadam Guest

    Default Linking to DB?

    I am sending a CDONTS mail message to a user to let them know when a message is entered in the Access DB. Is there a way I can put a link in the body to the specific record they are looking at in the DB? I need to have the DB open to that records report from the link. Follow? I know I could just have the user link to the record in ASP, but I have a specific report format I need them to print. Any suggestions, or am I completely gone?<BR><BR>Thx,<BR>amancalledadam

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    kannys(theguru) Guest

    Default create a link which uses a query string...

    create a link which uses a query string which holds the value of a field which can identify that record ..then when the user clicks this link it should take him to an asp page which creat and open a connection to the database, then retrieve the record from the database using the value of the query string that was passed by the link....<BR><BR>compendre???

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    amancalledadam Guest

    Default please re-read original post.

    I am needing to know if it is possable to open a specific RS IN Access( by opening the actual program MS Access ) from a link in a CDONTS body.

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    kannys ( the guru ) Guest

    Default yes it is my answer please

    yes it is my answer please

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    amancalledadam Guest

    Default No need for Kanny to reply...anyone else?

    I am needing to have the link open MS Access. I would also like the link to open the specific RS I am requesting IN ACCESS! I know how to read the Unique identfyer from the DB to show the RS in an ASP page, but I am wanting the link to OPEN MS ACCESS. No need for Kanny to reply.

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    Default No it is not. <eop>


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    Default fine ..suit yourself

    fine ..suit yourself

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    Default Sorry. Not possible. <eop>


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    ... Guest

    Default fine, DIE! <eop>


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    amancalledadam Guest

    Default programmers or kindergartners?

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