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    Gerbil Guest

    Default Error Message

    I have received the following error message but I don&#039;t know why.<BR><BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80040e07&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Data type mismatch in criteria expression. <BR><BR>/SCRSearch.asp, line 22 <BR><BR>This the code it is talking about. The field ID is an autonumber will that make a difference?<BR><BR> &#039; Declare variables<BR> Dim SCRNumber<BR> SCRNumber=Request.Querystring("scrnumber")<BR> <BR> &#039; Show SCR List<BR> dim oRsSCRList, MySCRList<BR> set oRsSCRList=server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")< BR> MySCRList= "SELECT * FROM [SCR List] WHERE [ID] = &#039;"& SCRNumber &"&#039; "<BR> MySCRList, "DSN=SCR" <BR><BR><BR>

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    Default The problem is

    that id is numeric and you are attempting to search for a string so change<BR>WHERE [ID] = &#039;"& SCRNumber &"&#039; "<BR><BR>to<BR>WHERE [ID] = "& SCRNumber<BR><BR>please read the faqs on this<BR>

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    kannys ( the guru ) Guest

    Default i dont like your capitalising conventions

    replace <BR> MySCRList, "DSN=SCR" <BR><BR>with<BR><BR> MySCRList, "DSNname"

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    kannys (idiot) Guest

    Default We don't like YOU! <eop>


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    <eop> (fool) Guest

    Default r u gonna stand there barking all day little doggy

    ..are u gonna bite?

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    Gerbil Guest

    Default RE: We don't like YOU! <eop>

    Good to see some constructive comments floating around!

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    Gerbil Guest

    Default <eop> stop bugging kannys..he's the

    &#060;eop&#062; stop bugging kannys..he&#039;s the resident guru

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    kannys (the muppet) Guest

    Default well said!!!


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    funny guy Guest

    Default and you are the resident comedian!!! lol


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    <eop> Guest

    Default but i'm the resident mappet and comedian :(

    but i&#039;m the resident mappet and comedian :(

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