I have 2 forms say Form1 and Form2 I am using Images instead of buttons for submit close etc .<BR>I display a table in form2 based on the values entered in form1<BR>in 2nd Form i am doing clientside validation like<BR>function CloseWindow()<BR>{<BR> window.close()<BR> return(false);<BR>} <BR>function Submit_onclick() {<BR><BR>validate()<BR><BR>}<BR>function validate() {<BR>if (form2.text1.value == "")<BR>{<BR> alert("You must enter Value.");<BR> form2.text1.focus();<BR> return(false);<BR>}<BR> <BR>form2.action = "temp3.asp";<BR>form2.submit();<BR>}<BR>&#060;%<BR >Response.Write(Request.Form("text1"))<BR>%&#062;< BR>everything works fine if i use buttons but if use images then it does do validation but dosen&#039;t display values from form1 which is Response.Write(Request.Form("text1"))<BR>it works fine if i use request.querystring to pass values from form1 but i don&#039;t want to use it .Is there any solution for this pls help thanks in advance<BR>