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Thread: ASP Editor ?

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    Default ASP Editor ?

    I&#039;m relatively new to ASP, and just wanted to ask which of the availlable ASP editors could be recommended for a beginner?<BR>Any comments are welcome, and thanks for your help.<BR><BR>Bernhard

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    kannys ( the guru ) Guest

    Default Note Pad

    Note Pad

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    Dilip Guest

    Default RE: ASP Editor ?

    Visual Interdev, FrontPage

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    kannys( the guru) Guest

    Default I disagree... BEGINNERS should use note pad and th

    ..they can move onto VI or Front page

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    Default A couple of choices

    There a several editors out there. A good list is located at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Personally, I tend to use Gaspy by Merlion (25 bucks). I&#039;ve heard good things about ASPEdit, but have never used it.

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    Default RE: ASP Editor ?

    Textpad colour codes ASP intelligently, which is nice:<BR><BR>

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    kannys ( the guru ) Guest

    Default or use ultradev color codes it even more bea

    or use ultradev color codes it even more beautiful

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    ... Guest

    Default First of all

    DIE kannys, we HATE you.<BR><BR>But, unfortunately, you are kinda almost right, in a way. A beginner should use a text editor to start out, but I&#039;d recommend one that color-codes the code to help out. I use Allaire Homesite (comes free with Dreamweaver) but I&#039;d recommend any editor that does a good job of color coding ASP.

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    annoyed Guest

    Default kannys........

    ....I hope you don&#039;t start rabbiting on about ASP/JSP and pressure cookers again!!!!!

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    Default Opinions

    I have been experimenting for some time using Windows NotePad, and color coding is exactly what I was looking for, to make things a little more clear.<BR>Anyone got an opinions about EditPlus or ASP Express (found those sites while searching for an ASP Editor)<BR><BR>Bernhard

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