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    Default Access Macro from ASP

    I am creating new web based user interface for MS Access database. Some of the old maintenance procedures <BR>are stored as MS Access Macros. Is there any method to do it (execute) inside ASP page? <BR><BR>I found something which is working on PWS, but I am not sure about this solution. pls help me.<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>Dim acS <BR>Dim acCmd <BR>Set acS = CreateObject ("access.Application") <BR>acS.OpenCurrentDatabase "D:wwwInetpubscriptsasp.mdb" <BR>Set acCmd = acS.DoCmd <BR>acCmd.RunMacro "TestMacro" <BR>%&#062; <BR>

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    Default That's the only way

    of doing that kinda stuff. very inefficient really as have to create an snstance of the access apolication object. My advise if at all possible convert the macro&#039;s into discrete sql statements and execute using the connection object.

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    Rhino Guest

    Default Yep, NEVER use macros...

    They are unreliable within Access, and even more so when invoked from outside it.

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