Hi,<BR><BR>I currently have a page which takes an "id" value from QueryString and pulls out a set of page numbers - but I also need to use this id value in the Hyperlink column of the datagrid I populate. Like, when you specify the Hyperlink column and in its attributes put;<BR><BR>DataNavigateUrlFormatString="loadpage. aspx?pagenumber={0}"<BR><BR>and it drops the right value in place of the {0} - how can I construct a url that does, basically:<BR><BR>DataNavigateUrlFormatString="loa dpage.aspx?id=&#060;%# Request.QueryString["id"] %&#062;&pagenumber={0}"<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried this and it doesn&#039;t seem to parse the Querystring bit...<BR><BR>help! :)<BR>cheers,<BR>ben<BR>