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    I'm now reading SAMS Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP. It's a great book, but I do have one question. I'm now on day 11, "Working with Credit Cards". I was just wondering how recent this was? Is there anything new I should be looking for? (Codewise that is, I'm a little paranoid when dealing with credit card numbers)

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    Interferer Guest

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    To find out how recent it is, have a look at the date on the inside of the book cover, add how many days after this you bought it and then add 11 days.<BR><BR>

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    Thex3 Guest

    Default Oh, Smarmy are we?

    Duh! I&#039;m talking about the content. You know, code updates? Is there something better out there?<BR><BR>Sheesh!

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