Same connection for multiple database operations.

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Thread: Same connection for multiple database operations.

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    Ashutosh Maheshwari Guest

    Default Same connection for multiple database operations.

    I have been working on SQL 7.0 and whenever i use a connection for two different database operations, like fetching records in a recordset and then inserting those records in another table, I used to get error. I had to insert records with another connection object or close and open same connection object. Today i came across where same connection object is being used to fetch records and insert and update records fetched in another two tables between begin trans and commit trans, only difference is that this time database is Oracle. <BR>Is this connection problem database specific or something else. Please ******** and mail me at<BR>tx<BR>ash

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    Default You can use the same object for SQL Server<BR><BR>Download the test code and you&#039;ll see this done in several places.

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