Connecting to a database on a different server.

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Thread: Connecting to a database on a different server.

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    Jason Blood Guest

    Default Connecting to a database on a different server.

    I am running the SQL server on a seperate maching from the one the web server is running on (which is IIS 4 on an NT 4.0 server). I have worked with databases quite a bit, but not using SQL/ODBC on ASP pages. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Rob Guest

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    Click start, programs, sql7.0, Client Network Utility. <BR>Click ADD. <BR>Choose TCP/IP. <BR>For Server Alias AND Computer Name, enter: &#060;your SQL Server IP#&#062;<BR>Leave port # at 1433. <BR>You will see this listed under Server Alias & connection parameters. Click OK. Click OK again to close out of the Client Network Utility. <BR>Click Start, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, then Enterprise Manager to launch SQL. <BR>Right-click SQL Server Group, choose New SQL Server Registration. Click next. <BR>Select the IP address you just added from the left window pane & click ADD. Click next. <BR>Choose the bullet in front of ‘The SQL Server login information that was assigned to me by system administrator’. Click Next. <BR>Fill in Login name & password you USE FOR THE sql SERVER. Click Next. <BR>Leave the default option selected as, ‘Add the SQL Server(s) to an existing SQL Server group’ the group name displays in the Group Name box. Click Next. <BR>Click finish. <BR>Once the next window reads ‘Login succeeded’ in the white text area, click Close. <BR>You will now see your database listed in the left window pane beneath the SQL server IP address. <BR>If you are wanting to import data from an existing SQL database of yours, right-click your SQL database on the server, choose All Tasks, and Import Data. <BR><BR><BR>This should get you started if you know all your IP config.<BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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