Hi guys, here&#039;s the prob:<BR><BR>I building HTML Form dynamically ( depend of the record number of a recordset ). When the forms are build, sometimes my SUBMIT button doesn&#039;t work!?!?!... ( a click on it do Nothing ).<BR><BR>Weird sample :<BR><BR>Exemple1 : I got an html form generated, if I touch NOTHING, the submit button is submit, OR if I insert "this is a comment" in the comment textbox box, it&#039;s alaways working. HOWEVER, if I put " this is a comment right here in this box" the submit button isn&#039;t working anymore.<BR><BR>Exemple2 : I checked 2 checkbox in the form, it&#039;s submitting, I checked 3 checkbox, the submit button don&#039;t work anymore. ???<BR><BR>Exemple3 : Comment in the textbox + 1 checked box, it&#039;s working, but with 2 checked box, isnt&#039; working...<BR><BR>Well, I&#039;m really confuse, I did this before and it was working. The only difference now is that the form are really BIG ( 300+ controls in some case ) Is there is a maximmum of control for a form? Maybe there&#039;s no maximum, but a memeroy rush if there is to much?