I have entered the following data in sql server 7.0 with varchar declared 2000. the data is :<BR>********************************************* ************<BR>What will happen when you attempt to compile and run the following code?<BR>import java.io.*;<BR>class Base{<BR>public static void amethod()throws FileNotFoundException{}<BR>}<BR>public class ExcepDemo extends Base{<BR>public static void main(String argv[]){<BR>ExcepDemo e = new ExcepDemo();<BR>}<BR>public static void amethod(int i)throws IOException{}<BR>private ExcepDemo(){<BR>try{<BR>DataInputStream din = new DataInputStream(System.in);<BR>System.out.println( "Pausing");<BR>din.readChar();<BR>System.out.print ln("Continuing");<BR>this.amethod();<BR>}catch(IOE xception ioe) {}<BR>}<BR>}<BR>********************************** *******************<BR><BR>when I display it through asp code on my local system (pws), the display is ok.<BR><BR>Now I export my data in text-table conversion on the internet server by using dts import export wizard ( in another sql server 7.0).<BR><BR>When I run the same asp code on IIS and display the same data(now on IIS) , the data is displayed but not completely ????????<BR>Can anybody help me out with this problem???????<BR>