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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I have a little problem here...Would you know how it is possible to call an ASP page from JavaScript on the client side?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Jarvis

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    i don&#039;t think so...but what are you trying to do? You could prob create the client side JS dynamically with server side ASP.

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    Here is and example of how to do that.<BR>I first load my vars.. from my form elements<BR>the var LINKS is the asp program that will be submitted<BR><BR>function getorg()<BR>{ var audit=document.query.auditid.value<BR> var month=document.query.month.value<BR> var<BR> var year=document.query.year.value<BR> var auditor=document.query.auditor.value<BR> var plant=document.query.plant.value<BR> var area=document.query.area.value<BR> var dept=document.query.dept.value<BR><BR> links="auditfollowsearch1.asp?auditid=" + audit + "&month=" + month + "&day=" + day + "&year=" + year<BR> links=links + "&auditor=" + auditor + "&plant=" + plant + "&area=" + area + "&dept=" + dept<BR><BR> document.location.replace(links)

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