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    In working with Apache on Linux, I was able to compile and install my own certificate without using a trusted authority like Verisign or Thwarte. While, I wouldn&#039;t use this on a commercial site because of the security warnngs the browser generates, it is handy for securing a development/staging server.<BR><BR>Can this be done on IIS 5? Or do I need to purchase one for anctual domain/business?

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    You can process and install your own certificates if you install W2K&#039;s "Certificate Server" (or NT 4.0&#039;s version) on one of your servers to process the request. You&#039;ll get an error because the processing server wasn&#039;t one of the "trusted root" authorities (like verisign), but can distribute and add the trusted root certificate locally to get rid of the error. The server you stand up must process it&#039;s own initial certificate prior to processing the others.<BR><BR>This is a great way to save money internally and you can even take it farther and generate/control your own client authentication certificates for internal use.<BR><BR>

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