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    RUPESHkalimpong Guest

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    can you suggest a site where i can get the syntax and example of javascript commands. <BR><BR>as you can see, most of my problem is because of lack of infomation. also can you suggest a good book on java script. presently i have got just one book &#039;THE ABC OF JAVASCRIPT&#039;<BR>i might be able to get an indian edition of it<BR><BR>regards<BR>rupesh<BR>

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    Joel N Guest

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    From the looks of your post earlier concerning validation it would seem to me that you need to get a good browser DOM reference also. JavaScript manipulates objects, but if you don&#039;t know what objects that are available to you and their associated properties, methods and events then knowing JavaScript is only half the battle. That being said, Danny Goodwin&#039;s "Dynamic HTML" from O&#039;Reilly&#039;s is an excellent REFERENCE for web developers. However be forewarned, it is not a tutorial or "dummies" type book, it expects you to already understand something about the document object model of the browser and have an inkling of an idea about JavaScript syntax. <BR><BR>Happy programming.

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

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    A great place to learn and to ask questions on jscript is...<BR><BR> ogramming+help&number=1&DaysPrune=10&LastLogin=<BR ><BR>Give it a try...great folks and lotsa help!<BR><BR>Jim

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    I&#039;ve never actually used any book on JavaScript. I tend to use language reference manuals, pretty much exclusively. And on-line materials such as the Netscape and MS browser manuals.<BR><BR>So...listen to the others. They probably can help more than I can.<BR>

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