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    Soumitra Das Guest

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    Hi Everyone :<BR><BR>I am a new user of ASP. I can&#039;t have my ASP page running in PWS. Other HTML pages are perfectly running in PWS. When I type http://localhost/SquareRoot.asp in the web browser [ IE ], I am getting a message that the page can&#039;t be found. if I want to open the file from c:Inetpubwwwroot, the Microsoft Development Environment opens up. Please help me<BR><BR>S. Das

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    RUPESHkalimpong Guest

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    what i have done on my computer, i will tell you that.<BR><BR>i have created a folder asptest in my f drive. you can do so in any one of your drive, but do remember which drive and which folder.<BR><BR>on the pws window click the advanced button on the bottom left.<BR><BR>on the right top click the add button.<BR><BR>in the dialog box that appears, in the upper text box there is browse button, click that and point it to the folder in which you will store your asp scripts. in my case &#039;asptest&#039; in the f drive.<BR><BR>in the lower text box, type the alias. in my case &#039;asptest&#039; again.<BR><BR>make sure you check the execute check box, in fact check all of them. and click ok.<BR><BR>click the main button on the top right and press start to start the pws.<BR><BR>in your browser type<BR>http://localhost/asptest/squareroot.asp<BR><BR>if the dial up networking comes up click &#039;work offline&#039;<BR><BR>if the connect dialog box comes up. click connect. <BR><BR>it should work<BR><BR>

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