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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am working with a 4th grade class in Atlanta, GA at Morningside. I know<BR>that his may sound crazy but here goes. Over the summer, I have seen<BR>countless sites that allow users to "create a page on the fly". They allow<BR>you to:<BR><BR>1. choose layout<BR>2. choose background colors<BR>3. choose font type, size and color<BR>4. choose from available images or upload<BR>5. add text<BR>6. view page and either approve or make changes<BR>7. save page<BR><BR>From that point they give you an address to access your page from. I want<BR>my children (4th grade class) to be able to make their own pages to<BR>communicate with each other when they return. Can you please point me in<BR>the right direction for creating this template type application. If this<BR>can be done by using ASP vs. CGI it may be better (preferably ASP). Thank you<BR>in advance for any help that you may have to offer.<BR><BR>Tonya<BR>

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    If you would prefer asp the use that. <BR><BR>Try here for an app that does what your looking for. Some are free some are not.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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