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    I am using the following Redirect.Response code to pass parameters from an asp script to a gi script:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect("cgi-bin/mail.cgi?email=strEmail?firstname=strFirstname?sur name=strSurname")<BR><BR>BUT how do I assign these values to the local variables inside the cgi script ?<BR><BR>i.e <BR><BR>$firstname = ;<BR>$surname = ; <BR>$email = ; <BR><BR>

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    it looks like you are trying to pass the values though a query string:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect("cgi-bin/mail.cgi?email=strEmail?firstname=strFirstname?sur name=strSurname") <BR><BR>That wont work, you need to seperate the values with a "&" instead of a "?"<BR><BR>Try this:<BR>Response.Redirect "cgi-bin/mail.cgi?email=" & StrEmail & "&firstname=" & StrFirstName <BR><BR>etc...<BR><BR>I have no idea how to grab those value with CGI, you are prob asking the wrong board for that question.

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