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    I have a field in an Access database that holds the record numbers of records from another table in the same database. The record numbers are separated by a comma. The data would look like this: 25,89,78,54<BR><BR>I need to separate those numbers and display them as hyperlinks to another page that will pull up that record using the record number as the id. So the link would look like this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href"viewrecord.asp?id=25"&#062; and so on for all of them.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me out on how to accomplish this? Thank you.

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    Since you are not treating it like a number you could do this simple method<BR><BR>SQL = "Select ID FROM table1 WHERE ID LIKE &#039;25&#039;"<BR>RS = Conn.Execute(SQL)<BR>&#060;a href"viewrecord.asp?id=&#060;%=RS("ID")%&#062;"&#0 62;<BR><BR>Try this

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