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    stormy Guest

    Default Can someone help me please?

    I am using a database with asp to output some info onto my pages, but using a text data type won't work, unleess all the data is under 255 characters. So i read somewhere that for more, you use a memo data type which allows for alot more data. Unfortunately, my data in the memo type field in my asp page doesn't show, only the text data type shows up. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Access 97. TIA, God bless.

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    Default RE: Can someone help me please?

    Will the data show up again,...even after you've changed the DT to Memo? Many times...once you've changed the Data Type in Access, you lose whatever the new DT can't handle.

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    Default You have to call the memo field the last...

    eg.<BR>SQL = "SELECT xyz.text1, xyz.text2, xyz.memo FROM xyz WHERE..."<BR><BR>Try it will work<BR><BR>J

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    storm Guest

    Default Bill, please read..

    Sorry about the reposting thing. When i made those post, none of them were showing up, so I though I did something wrong. As far as the code and such, I&#039;m using just the standard procedures for pulling the info from the database. Like this on my page where I want it to be:<BR><BR>&#060;%=(MyRecordset.Fields.Item("Artic le").Value)%&#062;<BR><BR>With the data type set to text, it shows up on the page correctly, but I didn&#039;t want to be limited to a 255 character max. So I tried changing the data type to memo, but then it doesn&#039;t show up.

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    storm Guest

    Default RE: You have to call the memo field the last...

    so it work if I use the * character, meaning to call all of the fields?

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    Default Seems you are using Ultradev...

    Okay better still<BR><BR>Make sure that the memo field in the access database is the last of all the field<BR><BR>Try it

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    Storm Guest

    Default Got it, check this out:

    Well, thanks to jolly, i think I&#039;ve got it. Here is the actually code I&#039;m using to pull the information:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>set Recordset1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>Recordse t1.ActiveConnection = MyConnection_STRING<BR>Recordset1.Source = "SELECT Article, NewsIcon, PostedBy, DatePosted, Content FROM db.table1"<BR>Recordset1.CursorType = 0<BR>Recordset1.CursorLocation = 2<BR>Recordset1.LockType = 3<BR>Recordset1.Open()<BR>Recordset1_numRows = 0<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Before, I was just selecting all of the fields using *. So I just listed each field and put the memo DT field at the end, and now it works!!! Thank you all so very much! God bless you!

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    storm Guest

    Default SHHHHH!!!! =)

    I cannot STAND hard coding all the time! Why not get some assistance ;)

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    Default This *IS* in the FAQs!!! Really!

    You could have saved yourself a *LOT* of pain and trouble by looking in the ASPFAQs. The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right corner of most every page on this site.<BR><BR>In this case, you wanted to read:<BR><BR><BR>And the reason you were "losing" your messages last night: At midnight U.S.A. Eastern Daylight Time (9:00 PM here on the US West Coast, I don&#039;t know what time wherever you are...probably the middle of the day?), the MessageBoard automatically starts a NEW DAY of postings.<BR><BR>But if you are logged on and looking at the prior day&#039;s postings, YOU WILL CONTINUE to see ONLY that prior day!<BR><BR>To change days, bring up the main Messageboard page, and then at the VERY TOP of the actuall messages area, look for words like:<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; See posts from 8/3/2001 to 8/2/2001 <BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; See posts from 8/1/2001 to 7/31/2001 <BR><BR>That&#039;s how you go forward or backward by days here. If you are still "stuck" on yesterday, click on the line for the new day. Presto. There all your posts will be!<BR><BR>

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