I made an Activex Dll (*I think*) and when I call it, I get a "Catastrophic Failure." If anybody has any ideas, toss em my way. Oh yeah, the idea is to get the user&#039;s full name from the Active Directory given a user and domain name.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the main DLL code (It&#039;s off the MS website)<BR>BOOL CUserInfoCtrl::FullName(char *UserName, char *Domain, char *dest) <BR>{<BR><BR> WCHAR wszUserName[256]; // Unicode user name<BR> WCHAR wszDomain[256]; <BR> LPBYTE ComputerName;<BR><BR> struct _SERVER_INFO_100 *si100; // Server structure<BR> struct _USER_INFO_2 *ui; // User structure<BR><BR>// Convert ANSI user name and domain to Unicode<BR><BR> MultiByteToWideChar( CP_ACP, 0, UserName, strlen(UserName)+1, wszUserName, <BR> sizeof(wszUserName)/sizeof(wszUserName[0]) );<BR> MultiByteToWideChar( CP_ACP, 0, Domain, strlen(Domain)+1, wszDomain, <BR> sizeof(wszDomain)/sizeof(wszDomain[0]) );<BR><BR>// Get the computer name of a DC for the domain.<BR><BR> NetGetDCName( NULL, wszDomain, &ComputerName );<BR><BR>// Look up the user on the DC.<BR><BR> if( NetUserGetInfo( (LPWSTR) ComputerName, (LPWSTR) &wszUserName, 2, (LPBYTE *) &ui ) )<BR> {<BR> printf( "Error getting user information.
" );<BR> return( FALSE );<BR> }<BR><BR>// Convert the Unicode full name to ANSI.<BR><BR> WideCharToMultiByte( CP_ACP, 0, ui-&#062;usri2_full_name, -1, dest, 256, NULL, NULL );<BR><BR> return TRUE;<BR>}<BR><BR>and here is my VB code...<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim UserName<BR>dim Domain<BR>dim dest<BR><BR>UserName="joed"<BR>Domain="CR861113-A"<BR><BR>Set userName = Server.CreateObject("USERINFO.UserInfoCtrl.1")<BR> response.Write(userName.FullName(UserName,Domain,d est))<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated !!! I&#039;m not good with C, activex, etc... so I need some!