Hello,<BR><BR>now this is a tricky one, thanks to missing documentation. As you all know, ASP.NET has a designer extension, that allows visual editors (like VS7) t intelligentl edit custom controls. I was pretty successfull hooking up ReadWriteDesigners to controls, so that their "inner content" is editable - when switching to Design View, you can then edit the HTML embedded in the control.<BR><BR>My main problem now is that this is not enough for me. I need a Designer that "renders" the control (not just has editable content) and then either makes makes all the content editable (within a rendered frame, please), and a Designer for a control has editable special inner controls only - and needs to render them in a special HTML table structure.<BR><BR>The Problem here is that there is NO documentation on how to write a designer that can host otherdesigners, and this is necessary. I have a structure like this:<BR><BR>&#060;y:a&#062;<BR> &#060;y:b&#062;tt&#060;y:/b&#062;<BR> &#060;y:b&#062;tt&#060;y:/b&#062;<BR>&#060;y:/a&#062;<BR><BR>and in editing, y:a will be a special uneditable table, and the y:b parts shall be editable in content - so I need to hook up a designer to y:a, and this needs not to render all the HTML, but act as a Host to the designers which are attached to y:b<BR><BR>Can anyone help me?<BR><BR>This is for a library for visual inheritance that is made available free of charge.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Thomas Tomiczek<BR>THONA Consulting Ltd.