Alrighty, let me explain this again, so someone reading will know what I'm talking about. First, I'm using an Access 97 database using a dsn off of the server where I'm hosted. What I'm trying to do is set up a news page. What I want to happen is when my newspage is loaded, I want it to load the current news from the database. I've got everything working fine, but one thing. The actual news. What I have done is used a memo type field called "Content" to store the actual information that is to show up as the news. The probem is when I test it, it doesn't show up. I went through the Access help files, and it says that the server will not leave spaces in and cannot store them. Is that right? Also, I want to be able to include hyperlinks inside the content in various places, but for some reason, this isn't working either. Any ideas?