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    Default Debugging on Win 2000 Server

    Hi I&#039;m new to developing asp on a Win 2000 Server and would like to know how to view the error as I just get the following HTTP 500 - Internal server error Page with:<BR><BR>The page cannot be displayed <BR>There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. <BR><BR>do I have to capture the error? it&#039;s just that when I was working on NT I would get the error message....<BR><BR>Thanks...

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    Default A 500 error...

    ...simply means some untrapped error occurred.<BR><BR>When you get an error with an error message, *something* along the way has trapped the error, figured out what message goes to that error, and passed the resultant error back to the server.<BR><BR>A 500 error means that, for some reason, nothing has trapped the error and the poor web server has no idea what has caused the internal exception.<BR><BR>*MOST* of the time, 500 errors come out of the ODBC drivers, simply because they aren&#039;t written as carefully as they might be.<BR><BR>There&#039;s no good way of finding these errors except to put a RESPONSE.END statement into your page. Start with it just before the first place you work with any object (e.g., before any database operation? but before an email operation, if that comes first, etc., etc.). If you get that far, then move the RESPONSE.END down to the next critical spot and try again. You keep moving it and narrowing down where the problem is. <BR><BR>*IF* you are lucky, the error rises up and slaps you in the face. If not...well...lots of tedious debugging, I&#039;m afraid.<BR><BR>

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    Sean Guest

    Default Thanks Bill <eop>


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