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    Hi there .<BR><BR>I have a component for Reverse DNS Lookup called DNS.dll whose syntax like:<BR>result = Rev.NSLookup("")<BR><BR>I need to concatenate IP address get from request.serverVariables("remote_addr") with a that command.<BR>I&#039ve tried :<BR>IP= request.ServerVariables("Remote_addr")<BR>result= rev.NSlookup(" & IP & ")<BR>or:<BR>result= rev.NSlookup(" & IP & ")"<BR>or even:<BR>IP= chr(34) & request.ServerVariables("Remote_addr") & chr(34)<BR>result= rev.NSlookup(" & IP & ")"<BR><BR>all do not work!<BR>Any one can help?<BR><BR>

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    Just get rid of the Quotes like this:<BR><BR>IP= request.ServerVariables("Remote_addr")<BR>result= rev.NSlookup(IP)<BR><BR>Or you can get rid of IP and do it all in one line:<BR>result= rev.NSlookup(request.ServerVariables("Remote_addr" ))<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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