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    Gizz Guest

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    Sorta like the Wicked Witch of the West - I&#039m meeelllltttiiinnggg!!!!!<BR>And its not just cos the air conditioning&#039s useless....<BR>I&#039m running around in circles (occasionally banging into walls...)<BR>Here&#039s my problem. I want to use ASP and write my own component DLLs in C++, and bung them on the server. I also want to use other people&#039s DLLs.<BR>My ISP, Coastline, will not let me register DLLs on their server. Fair enough. Now, the question:<BR>Is there any way to use a component DLL from ASP without regsitering it?<BR>Please, someone, heeelllpp!<BR><BR>Gizz<BR>gizz@bltn.com<BR>

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    No, not that I am aware of. You need to register the DLL. That puts an entry in the registry, mapping a GUID to a filename/dll on your machine.

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    Paul Whitworth Guest

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    Gizz,<BR>I have a similar problem with my hosting service. The ingrates won&#039t let me register DLLs either. I just started reading &#039Asp Components&#039 by Shelley Powers (O&#039Reilly). There seems to be a way of using a component without registering it if it&#039s an &#039out of process&#039 component. You create an executable and providing it&#039s placed in the same location as the asp you&#039re trying to use it from you can create an instance of it...set myobj = CreateObject("thething.theclass")...and use it just like a dll component. At least that&#039s what the book seems to imply. <BR><BR>Naturally, there&#039s a catch! IIS has to have a property - &#039AspAllowOutOfProcessComponents&#039 set to true. If I ask my ISP to kindly set this property for I&#039m sure they&#039ll have a good laugh, but it&#039s worth a shot.<BR>If you come up with a better way I&#039d love to hear it.<BR><BR>Paul<BR>pfwhitworth@gsdinc.com<BR>

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    Matthew Reynolds Guest

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    No easy way outa this one.<BR><BR>COM and ActiveX are totally dependent on the system Registry and as such require that all components are registered in some fashion.<BR><BR>ISP&#039s are only just starting to get the idea of hosting dynamic content, but they haven&#039t quite clued into the fact that we need to build business-object components to do these sites right. <BR><BR>There are a few ISP&#039s out there that are a little more inclined to host your components. Check out C&#124Net&#039s WebHostList.com for some. Most ISP&#039s don&#039t mind you registering anything you want if you colocate your own server, or pony up the money for your own server.<BR><BR>If you really want a laugh, try getting them to install InterDev RAD - this lets you register your own components on remote servers directly from InterDev.

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    I am not sure,but you can register your component on MTS which resides on a diff machine and your application residing on the web server acts as a client to the MTS,i think it can be done this way,MTS has a downlodable package which it self registers on the client.

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