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    I want to dynamically create what appears in the alt tag of an image. The form has a number of checkboxes and I have a function that creates a msg that relays the values in non techy speak. When the user hovers over an image I want the alt tag to call this function or get the results of it somehow and display it. I have tried doing a document.write('<img alt="' + getinfo() +'") which doesn't work. How can I do this or do something similar. I don't want an alert box.

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    Well, you know you can&#039;t do it with document.write because it generates a new page. I don&#039;t think you can alter the tag directly, but you can fudge it to look like one.<BR><BR>I think http://www.irt.org has a few examples -- check out their FAQs of JavaScript (it&#039;s pretty extensive)

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