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    Does anyone know where or if AOL and MSN make test browsers available for testing of programs for developers? I know that AOL uses IE as it&#039;s explorer but it always seems to look different. I don&#039;t have an MSN account but just was to see what pages look like using those systems.<BR>Thanks!<BR>Joe

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    thta everything looked the same on aol as it does on ie, which will certaintly be true for msn browser also. All use same rendering engine.

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    &#062;&#062;Does anyone know where or if AOL and MSN make test browsers available <BR><BR>Try using one of the 15 billion cds floating around... they give you nearly 4 million free hours to test it out.<BR><BR>The only problems I&#039;ve run into with AOL is that some settings compress the graphics leaving your pages looking like crap, and the lovely AOL mail system.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re a serious developer, and these browsers are your target, you have to get AOL and install it. Why would you want a test browser when you can have the real thing? The only &#039;test&#039; browser that I know of (and use) is for WebTV.

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