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    rrt Guest

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    I am exporting data from a table in Ms Access(Ver 7.0) to a csv file. My code is :<BR><BR>DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, "DataSpec", "DataQry", FileLocation, False<BR><BR>The Access table which has the data initially had 119 fields. Then the program was running fine. However 74 Fields have been added to the table (making a total of 193 fields). <BR><BR>So first I changed "DataQry" to accomodate the extra fields. Then the operation was taking place, without adding the extra fields in the csv file. Later I also updated the specification (DataSpec) to accomodate the extra fields. Now it deletes the csv file as soon as the program is run and thus gives error :<BR><BR> "Run-time error &#039;3011&#039;. Couldn&#039;t find object &#039;filename.csv&#039;"<BR><BR>Could anyone please tell me the reason for that and the solution to get it to work? Or is there any restrictions on the no. of fields transferred? Thanks!

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    Charlie Rand Guest

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    I don&#039;t know for sure if there&#039;s a limit on the number of fields that you can transfer, but life sure would be easier if you broke your tables up some. Using the * wildcard in select queries would kill performance with 193 fields returned. Remember that Access is relational and you could save some server overhead by anylizing your data structure to see which fields contain redundant data.<BR><BR>I know that this doesn&#039;t directly solve you imediate problem, but it may help. You code may be timing out due to huge row sizes.<BR><BR>Good Luck.

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