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    Beat Master V Guest

    Default Request

    can you do request.form.[another form name here]("variable")<BR>?????????

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    Default form within a form?

    Are you saying your first page has a form within a form?

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    Default Only one form ever gets sent... just do request("variable")<BR>

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    == keeper == Guest

    Default RE: Request

    yes you can

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    Beat Master V Guest

    Default Response to posts

    i have 3 asp pages i need the variable on the first page to show up in the 3rd page. Request.form doesn&#039;t work for the 3rd page only second. When i try input type hidden on second it doesn&#039;t diplay the whole variable contents if the contents contain a space

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    == keeper == Guest

    Default of course it won't..

    if you wish to do that, try using cookies instead

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    Default Ignore gibberish response from == keeper ==

    You cannot request a form like that, to get the value in the third page put the request in page 2 into a hidden variable and make sure that there are quotes around the value eg<BR><BR>&#060;input name="T1" type="hidden" value="&#060;%=Request.Form("T1")%&#062;"&#062;

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    Default RE: Response to posts

    You *can* use hidden formfields. Just put quotes on the value:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE ="hidden" value = "&#060;%=request.form1("var")%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR >(see the " after the =-sign and in front of the last &#062;)<BR><BR>Now you should get the correct values.<BR><BR>Peter

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    it worked! Guest

    Default THANKS KRANK AND PETER!!!!!!


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